The ACE Institute

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Course Curriculum by module

Module 1 (Duration: 3 days)

Positioning implantology in your practice

Introduction to Implantology

Bone/soft tissue biology and physiology

Applied anatomy and osteology

Principles of Implant design

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Radiological imaging

Module 2 (Duration: 2 days)

Computer guided implant surgery

CBCT based treatment planning

Surgical guide fabrication

Followed by multiple webinars for treatment planning

Module 3 (Duration: 4 days)

Surgical preparation and asepsis

Basic dentoalveolar surgery and suturing

Principles of Implant surgery

Surgical Clinical Sessions

Post surgical debrief sessions

Module 4 (Duration: 3 days)

Mastering Consent and Shared Decision Making

Principles of soft tissue and osseous healing

Implant maintenance

Implant complications and failures

Basic grafting around implants

Management of peri implant mucositis and peri implantitis

Scientific literature in implantology

Recall and review

Module 5 (Duration: 3 days)

Second stage surgery

Prosthodontic materials: restorative choices

Principles of implant prosthodontics

Prosthodontic components

Abutment selection

Impression making

Gingival masks and working casts

Prosthodontic records : Jaw relations

Occlusal considerations in implantology

Laboratory communication

Laboratory procedures for implant prosthodontics

Custom abutments and frameworks

Prosthesis delivery

Module 6 (Duration: 3 days)

Principles of soft tissue and osseous healing

Principles of guided bone regeneration

Socket grafting

Immediate post extraction implant placement

Sinus augmentation : internal and external

Bone manipulation : ridge expansion, ridge splitting

Bone augmentation : block grafts

Graftless solutions : CoAxis, Zygomatic implants

Implant dentistry marketing

Digital photography

Modular Hands on sessions/Table demos

A key part of the course is the structured table based series of hands on exercises/demonstrations and the primary purpose of these sessions is to prepare you for laboratory aspects of implantology or to attempt to ensure pre clinical competence.

Module 1 : 

No hands on sessions

Module 2 : 

CBCT based planning

Module 3 :

Soft tissue and suturing workshop,

Dummy implant insertion

Module 4 : 

No hands on sessions

Module 5 : 

Impression making on dummies

Module 6 :

Socket grafting demonstration-model

Co Axis implant demonstration-model


Clinical Sessions (Most modules)

In keeping with the clinical emphasis of the course, ALL participants will treat patients with specified clinical situations. Only Dentsply Sirona Astra/DS Prime Taper or Southern Implants Tri Nex/DC will be used on the course to allow ease of training.  The following clinical situations should ideally be treated on the course by EVERY participant  :

• Single missing tooth in the anterior/posterior zone

• Short edentulous span with 2 or more missing teeth

• Fully edentulous upper/ lower arch with implant retained/supported overdenture (not mandatory)

Participants may bring their own patients for treatment on  the course after prior approval or choose to treat local course patients at no charge. Please refer the Course Fees page to understand all options available for clinical treatment of patients on the course at the course location and at other locations. All dental implants componentry, lab, sedation and stent costs are to be met by participants. A consultant anaesthetist can be available during all surgical sessions on request at an additional cost.