The ACE Institute

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General terms and conditions

  • All potential participants on ACE Institute course should be duly registered with the Dental Council of New Zealand and must be in possession of a valid Annual Practising Certificate with no restrictions on their scope of practice. In addition, participants should ideally hold valid indemnity insurance. Participants who lack these documents will only be allowed participation in didactic sessions and demonstrations.
  • The institute's courses do not award a degree or diploma or title of any kind and are meant to be construed only as continuing professional development. Accreditation of any applicable CPD points is subject to the NZDA’s discretion.
  • NZDA Disclaimer : NZDA verifies, based on the information provided to the NZDA, that an activity meets the Dental Council requirements for CPD. NZDA CPD verification does not imply promotion or endorsement of the contents of any course. Attendees need to use professional judgement to assess the validity and usefulness of techniques, materials or therapeutic products to their own practice.
  • All course participants will need to comply with a 'Course terms and conditions' document at Module 1 and will be required to enter into an agreement for provision of any clinical services to patients. Course documentation for informed consent from patients receiving treatment will also need to be completed, if applicable. It is the participant's responsibility as the providing practitioner to maintain all notes, X-rays, photos and records.
  • The ACE Institute reserves the right to alter course curriculum, faculty, dates, sponsors/partners or venue without notice due to extraneous circumstances or for the convenience of the course. The ACE Institute also reserves the right to cancel the course in whole if insufficient registrations do not justify the viabie conduct of a course. 
  • Due to the nature of our courses and the limited audience, no refunds are available to participants in the event of partial or complete cancellation of their participation. In extraneous circumstances, an opportunity to participate in future courses may be provided. Registration in any course and acceptance of these terms and conditions is implied by payment of the first instalment or any part of the course fees, including a registration deposit. Registration also implies a commitment to pay all instalments of the course fees regardless of continued participation.
  • No photographic, audio or video recording of course content is permitted during any course. Redistribution or circulation of course content is also not permitted and course content is protected by copyright. The unauthorised use of The ACE Institute's name on social media or the creation of any pages or websites or content that promotes interaction amongst course participants with regard to the course, without the authorisation or involvement of The ACE Institute is also not encouraged. The ACE Institute website attempts to create such a forum for interaction that is well protected and respectful of patient privacy rights and consent obtained from patients.
  • Access to the 'Participants' section of this website is provided by The ACE Institute and is not an automatic outcome of course participation and reproduction or circulation or storage of any electronic content on this website is not permitted. Access may also be restricted to fixed durations of time such as a given course term. 
  • The treatment of patients on any course is to be construed as a service that is the outcome of a professional relationship between the patient and the providing dentist (participant). Participants are encouraged to provide information to their patients to allow full and transparent informed consent. Disclosure of a participant's learning status should also be provided to the patient with full explanation of the participant's abilities. All laboratory work for patients treated on the course is also to be provided only by New Zealand dental laboratories and technicians to allow continuity of care and quality transparency. A list of approved dental laboratories is available on request and lab work is to be completed only by a laboratory on this list.
  • The above terms and conditions do not constitute course terms and conditions in their entireity. A complete list will be made available at the time of registration for any course in the form of an agreement.