The ACE Institute

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Course Fees

Course fees are NZ $16950 plus GST and are payable as a non refundable registration deposit of $1950 plus GST to confirm a place on the course and thereafter in three equal parts of $5000 plus GST- one part just before the commencement of the course and the others on invoice during the course at framed intervals. Course fees include all course materials, didactic course notes, teaching models, dummy implants and general dental consumables.

Course fees do not include dental implants, componentry, laboratory charges, sedation charges, radiological investigations stents or off course clinical sessions at locations other than Gisborne. Please read further below to understand all options with regard to clinical treatment of patients on the course. 

Please make cheques payable to ‘The ACE Institute’. 

Payment by internet banking may be made to Westpac account 03-0638-0743778-000.

No arrangements are available for payment of course fees by credit card.

Clinical Session options

Option 1 : A participant could consider treating patients in Gisborne. Please contact the Course Coordinator if you wish to consider this option.

Option 2 : A participant brings his/her own patients to Gisborne for treatment during the Course Clinical sessions on scheduled Module dates. The participant is free to charge his/her patients and bring them for as many module sessions for various staged clinical procedures, as they wish. All costs for treatment are incurred by the participant. No additional fees are charged for clinical sessions.

Option 3 : A participant schedules a clinical session at his/her practice and invites Course Faculty to their practice to mentor them during their clinical sessions, when they treat their own patients. A maximum of three patients limited to any of the three clinical situations prescribed by the course may be scheduled during these clinical sessions. Course Faculty will attend the sessions with their own Dental Assistant who will demonstrate to the practice staff, all aspects of Dental Assisting and Sterilisation protocols for Implant procedures. A fixed per calendar day fee (regardless of the numbers of hours and number of patients scheduled) applies towards this option ($4000 plus GST). Additional costs apply for Course Faculty and Dental Assistant travel and accommodation, as incurred and necessary. The participant is free to charge his/her patients for treatment provided. 

All patients will have to be treated in accordance with course protocols that require stringent diagnosis and treatment planning. All patients must also provide course prescribed full informed consent for their participation on the course.