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Jack Hahn, Ohio, USA

Inventor of the worlds largest selling dental implant

I have known Dr Surathu for well over 10 years. I have personally observed his excellent clinical skills in treating patients with dental implants. I have had the opportunity to attend many of his course lectures. More importantly, I got the chance to watch his students successfully place many implants in patients. Many of the cases required more advanced skills. Participants can feel fortunate to have Dr. Surathu as their mentor.

Prof Thomas E van Dyke, Boston, USA

Chair, Department of Periodontology, The Forsyth Institute

Former Prof and Program Director, Postdoctoral Periodontology, Boston University 

Dr. Nitish Surathu is an experienced teacher and communicator who has lectured all over the world. He has mentored numerous clinicians incorporating dental implantology into their practices. He has many years of experience in both the teaching and the clinical practice of implantology and his information is cutting edge.I have no doubt that this course will enrich the skills and confidence of participants in this rapidly emerging field.

Prof. P. Mark Bartold AM Adelaide, Australia

Director, Colgate Australian Clinical Dental Research Centre, University of Adelaide

Editor, Australian Dental Journal

I commend Dr Nitish Surathu to you. Dr Surathu is an accomplished clinician with considerable experience in implantology. I have had the pleasure of attending lectures by Dr Surathu in the past. I have always found them to be very professionally delivered with excellent content and of a very high standard. 

David Stewart

General Dentist

Tauranga, NZ

I have known and worked with Dr Surathu who I have employed for over a year in my own practice. I have personally consulted with him about several complex implant cases and I have directly observed his excellent surgical and clinical skills in treating patients with dental implants. I have been unfailingly impressed by the currency of and his breadth of knowledge in the subject, and by the methodology he employs in bringing the cases forward. I would not hesitate to recommend that any clinician interested in the subject take an opportunity to learn from him. He is a gifted teacher.